I May Never Be a Lap Cat










I May Never Be A Lap Cat
I may never be a lap cat,
or one who comes when called,
I may resist the hand that tries to touch,
and some may think I’m flawed.
I may prefer my freedom,
to your warm and cozy house,
I may reject the bowl of finest foods,
for the chance to chase a mouse.
But the box you put out for me,
feels safe and warm and dry,
and I raise my eyes to thank you,
when I see you walking by.
And I eat the food you give me,
and I listen to your voice,
I may never be a lap cat,
but you offer me that choice.
One day I’ll see the winter,
one day I’ll see the rain,
I may grow old not knowing,
that there is freedom from this pain.
But I know you try to help me,
and although my days will end,
I may never be a lap cat,
but I know you are my friend.
– Melanie Nordberg

credits to My Feral Fix

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