Freddie – the Oppressor Wannabe

Like our late Snapper, we adopted Freddie from Inges Kattehjem.
He was found as a kitten in a car park in North Sjælland with two siblings.

We thought it would be good for Perletand to have company at the flat when we’re not home.
Introducing Freddie to Perle was easy and this may have something to do with Freddie coming in as a kitten.

Perle embraced the ‘big brother’ role and there’s a bond between the two that come more obvious when they are at summerhouse with the other ‘residents’.

Freddie is a fast learner. It seems it wasn’t even necessary to teach him how to use the cat flap.
Here is a video of his first walk outdoors at the summerhouse. Snapper is on this vid.

Now, for more than five years since we got him, Freddie and Perle travel from Copenhagen to our summerhouse every weekend.
Older Freddie is a bit of a bully and a natural stalker. He chases anything that moves, even challenged a dear for mano o mano!
At the summerhouse, he wouldn’t give us the time of day, he’s always busy being a ‘boss’ – relentless with his rounds around the garden.
He would only come home to sleep when he’s near dead of exhaustion.

On Sundays, it can always be a challenge to get him in the house.
He seems to know what day it is and always watchful of what we’re up to.
We have to always think of tricks to lure him so we all could go home.

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