Dapper Snapper

He was Snapper Kowalski.  Once upon a time, he was also called ‘Tumle’.

Snapper was a cat we decided to take in from Inges Kattehjem. He may have been at least around 5 years old (nobody knows for sure) and the shelter had had him a lot longer than usal.
When being presented to a cat who is just days away from being euthanized for not being a perfect fit to those who tried to adopt him, the only voice of reason we listened to was that Snapper deserved another chance.

Snapper joined us and the gang in 2010.
As can be expected, introducing a ‘problem cat’ to our existing colony of about 15-20 cats gave us some concerns from the very beginning.
Snapper was more of a human cat when things went on his terms and while he rarely interacted with the other cats, it was manageable. He had a temper, he could snap at any given moment (hence the name), and often, we didn’t know why. While he behaved like he was ‘in charge’ from day one at the house, we could tell he had experienced physical abuse in the past.

He wasn’t always grumpy. There were times he would play and jump around like a kitten. Those moments, seeing him being a happy cat made everything worthwhile.
In October 2014, Snapper appeared lethargic so he was taken to the vet for a check-up. He tested positive for FIV and had to be put to sleep. We had gone thru the same loss several times before and sad as it is, we will have to go through the same again, and again.   And no, it doesn’t get easier.

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